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Better Together Admin Discounted!

Posted May, 2017

Now that Discount Chooser is becoming the gold standard for discounting offers in ZenCart, osCommerce, and (soon) OpenCart, I have decided to reduce the price of Better Together Admin. Better Together Admin for Zen Cart and Better Together Admin for osCommerce are now price reduced to just $30 for software only, or $90 for the software plus installation. If you have been holding off on buying the Better Together Admin Panel, now is your chance.

If your discounting needs are limited to BOGO style offers, Better Together is still a great choice, so I hope a lot of people will take advantage of this lower price.

Discount Chooser for OpenCart

Posted May, 2017

Discount Chooser for Opencart (a port of the Discount Chooser algorithm from Zen Cart) is being actively worked. You can follow the development of Discount Chooser for OpenCart; it will be in the OpenCart Marketplace sometime in June.

New Names: Discount Chooser / Discount Spender!

Posted May, 2017

When I first created Free Gift Chooser, it only offered 100% discounts ("free gifts"), based on the content of the cart. About a year later, I added the ability to do price reductions - percentage or dollar based. So the name "Free Gift Chooser" was no longer very accurate. So I'm taking this opportunity to rename Free Gift Chooser to Discount Chooser (and similarly, to rename Free Gift Spender to Discount Spender).

Better Together for Zen Cart

Posted May, 2017

Zen Cart Better Together has been updated to fix a bug which revealed itself when One to Many mode 2 was used. This is somewhat obscure, so you don't need to update if you're not using this feature.

Shopowners who also use Checkout Candy (or Checkout Candy with Buy Now) will need to update both modules at the same time.

You can read about this issue on my blog if you'd like more details.

Better Together for OpenCart

Posted April, 2017

Better Together for Opencart has been updated for OpenCart

MySql 5.7 Updates

Posted April, 2017

Extended Family joins Zen Cart Discount Chooser and Zen Cart Discount Spender as modules that required MySQL 5.7 compatibility changes. Please get these updates if you use these modules.

Newsletter Discount Updates

Posted March, 2017

Newsletter Discount has a few new features:
  • Added dollar off per order setting
  • Added caching of mailchimp subscriber status

Marketing Text Improvements Discount Chooser, Discount Spender for Zen Cart

Posted March, 2017

The Zen Cart Discount Chooser Marketing Text and Zen Cart Discount Spender Marketing Text have both been improved. In the old format, they would simply indicate the category and product IDs, as is done in the admin panel. This wasn't very customer friendly, so I updated them to use links instead.

So now, instead of
Spend $50.00 in any category, Get 1 Comedy (CAT 12) free.
Discount Spender marketing text looks like this:
Spend $50.00 in any category, Get 1 Comedy free.

and instead of
Buy 1 from category DVD Movies (CAT 3) , Get 1 from category DVD Movies (CAT 3) free.
Discount Chooser marketing text looks like this:
Buy 1 from category DVD Movies, Get 1 from category DVD Movies free.

MailChimp updates for Newsletter Discount

Posted February, 2017

Please update Newsletter Discount if you use MailChimp. A bug was discovered in the subscriber confirmation logic that has been fixed in version 4.0a.

MySQL 5.7 Updates for Discount Chooser, Discount Spender for Zen Cart

Posted February, 2017

Zen Cart Discount Chooser and Zen Cart Discount Spender have just been updated for compatibility with MySQL 5.7.

Using Jekyll, the Static Site Generator

Posted January, 2017

I had a little fun over the holidays with Jekyll, a Ruby based static site generator. I created a new website for my book group, using a gem that makes it easy to autogenerate Amazon affiliate URLs using the Product Advertising API. I open sourced the project in case anyone else wants to build a book club website, or any other type of website that uses Amazon affiliate links.

Updates to Gift Wrap at Checkout

Posted December, 2016

When Gift Wrap at Checkout was updated to Zen Cart 1.5.4, I forgot to merge the code that takes care of gift wrap swatches and gift wrap names. This has been fixed, and the code is now available for Zen Cart 1.5.4 and 1.5.5.

Catalog Invoice

Posted December, 2016

Your customers can now create their own invoices from their orders using my Catalog Invoice contribution. It looks just like an invoice that you generate on the admin side of your store, but it can be done by your customers in a self-serve fashion.

MailChimp updates for Newsletter API and MailChimp Integration

Posted November, 2016

If you use MailChimp, either through Newsletter Discount or through my MailChimp Integration, you MUST update these modules. MailChimp is migrating all users to version 3.0 of its API, which is only supported by the latest versions of these two contributions.

Per User and Group Specials now includes Sales!

Posted October, 2016

Per User Group Specials now includes Sales support for Zen Cart 1.5.4 and 1.5.5. Specials are per-product discounts that show up in the shopping cart as price reductions, whereas Sales are per-category discounts. But neither of these built-in discounts can be restricted to a single user or group by default, which is why I did Per User and Group Specials.

Zen Cart Default 1.5.5 Updates

Posted September, 2016

All my mods (contributions and extensions) have been updated for Zen Cart 1.5.5a. Here's the list:

Zen Cart Big Upsell supports Discount Spender

Posted September, 2016

Big Upsell is a mod which displays promotions from some of my mods (Zen Cart Big Chooser, Zen Cart Discount Chooser, and Zen Cart Big Spender). It was just updated to also support Zen Cart Discount Spender.

Zen Cart Default Attribute Update

Posted September, 2016

Zen Cart Default Attribute just had a fix posted for adding multiple products from the listing page. Thanks to Zen Cart forum user @y051313 for reporting this issue.

Zen Cart Common XSell Sort Order

Posted September, 2016

Zen Cart Common XSell Sort Order is an add-on to both Extended Family and Cross Sell Advanced that allows the sort order to be used when displaying cross sells to be set in one single place.

Companion Modules for Zen Cart Default Attribute

Posted August, 2016

Zen Cart Default Attribute allows products with defaultable attributes (such as single format downloads) to be added directly from a listing page, rather than from the product_info page only.
Now, the following modules work with Default Attribute, allowing products with default attributes to be added to the cart. For example, here's Checkbox Cross Sell offering a PDF download:
Checkbox Cross Sell Items

Zen Cart Default Attribute for Zen Cart 1.5.5

Posted July, 2016

Zen Cart Default Attribute is a mod which allows items with only single valued defaultable attributes (such as PDF-only downloads) to be added directly from a listing page, rather than from the product_info page only. This means your customers can add these products from the search page, category listing page, featured products page, or the new and all products pages.

Zen Cart Find Duplicate Models now built in to 1.6.0

Posted July, 2016

Zen Cart Find Duplicate Models is a part of Zen Cart as of release 1.6.0. It was rebuilt using the LEAD pages framework which was introduced in 1.6.0.

The 1.6.0 version offers the ability to fix the model number right on the page, which I hope will be convenient for shopowners.

Zen Cart Save for Later for 1.5.5

Posted July, 2016

Zen Cart Save for Later has been updated to support Zen Cart 1.5.5 and the responsive_classic template. Other 1.5.5 updates for my mods will follow soon.

Zen Cart Find Duplicate Models

Posted June, 2016

Zen Cart Find Duplicate Models has had an update to tighten up the code. If you are not familiar with this mod, it is an admin report which allows you to verify that your model numbers (stored in the products_model field of the products table) are unique. This is important for some accounting packages.

Zen Cart Order Origin

Posted May, 2016

Zen Cart Order Origin allows you to see what portion of your orders come from mobile devices such as phones and tablets, versus desktop computers.

Zen Cart Discount Preview

Posted April, 2016

Zen Cart Discount Preview has been updated for Zen Cart 1.5.5 and the new responsive template.

Zen Cart XSS Fixes

Posted April, 2016

The Zen Cart core team has released a series of fixes which can help you prevent having your site compromised. These are worthwhile, important fixes that you should install immediately if you have not yet done so. More importantly though, you should plan as a matter of course to do upgrades of your Zen Cart software as new versions come out. Nope, not kidding. It's part of your responsibility as a site owner - you HAVE to stay up to date.

The XSS fixes are provided here.

If you are running the Edit Orders 4.x mod, you can use my patch for Edit Orders. A permanent fix is also being developed (circa April 2016) by Wilt of the Zen Cart team.
The Trustwave patches have been updated to interoperate correctly with Edit Orders.

Zen Cart 1.5.x and Edit Orders 4.x

Posted March, 2016

Interoperability Fixes have been posted for Edit Orders 4.x and some of my mods:

Zen Cart Product Bought

Posted March, 2016

Zen Cart Product Bought allows you to check to see if a logged in customer has purchased a specific product in the past. It's perfect for cross selling and upselling messages on the product info page or in the shopping cart. You can even check to see if a product has been bought within a particular time period, such as in the last 90 days.

Zen Cart YouTube Gallery

Posted February, 2016

Zen Cart YouTube Gallery allows you to create a page showing all your YouTube videos inside your Zen Cart.

Zen Cart Favorites Video

Posted February, 2016

Zen Cart Favorites now has a video that shows how your customers can use it to bookmark their favorite products in your store.

Zen Cart Order Copy video

Posted January, 2016

Zen Cart Order Copy now has a video that shows how it can be used to facilitate repeat orders.

New Features in Discount Chooser for Zen Cart

Posted January, 2016

Zen Cart Discount Chooser is a discounting module (buy some items, get some other items at a discount) with a built-in admin panel. I just added the ability to edit discounts, and set the "deal id" feature on discounts to link them together (so only one will be applied).

Digital Product Upgrade

Posted December, 2015

Zen Cart Digital Product Upgrade is a mod that allows you to permit people to re-purchase downloadable products at a fixed price. It's very useful for creatives who are refreshing their digital content, but want to charge a small fee (rather than full price) for updated versions.

Mod List

Posted December, 2015

Zen Cart Mod List has been upgraded to support Zen Cart 1.3.9 installations in addition to 1.5.x carts.

Security Patches for Zen Cart

Posted November, 2015

Please be sure to install the following patches:
The following mods of mine have been patched with these fixes:

Mod List

Posted November, 2015

Zen Cart Mod List shows you information about the modifications that have been made to your cart:
  • New admin pages which your mods have created.
  • New database tables which your mods have created.
  • New modules (shipping, payment, and order total)
  • Admin configuration groups which exist but do not have a corresponding menu item (indicating an incomplete upgrade from 1.3.9 or prior).

Discount Spender

Posted October, 2015

Zen Cart Discount Spender is now ready for release. It allows you to discount on the basis of dollars spent, with a built-in control panel. Here's the video:

Discount Preview Video

Posted September, 2015

Some of you are using my discount modules but not Discount Preview for Zen Cart.
Why not! Are you crazy?

This video also gives you a sneak peek at Zen Cart Discount Spender!

XAJAX issues (Better Together Admin, Combination Discounts Admin)

Posted September, 2015

Some newer versions of PHP have conflicts with XAJAX, which was used to build Zen Cart Better Together Admin. Fixes for these issues are provided in the installation notes.

Note that this also affects Zen Cart Combination Discounts Admin and osCommerce Better Together Admin.

Switch Skin for Zen Cart

Posted September, 2015

Zen Cart Switch Skin now has a second example, which shows how to do the switch automatically based on some detected value (such as, for example, whether the visitor has arrived from a mobile device).

Squash Taxes for Zen Cart

Posted August, 2015

Zen Cart Squash Taxes allows you to compress local taxes (computed by the Local Sales Tax mod) and state taxes into a single record. This is useful for systems which require a single tax record, such as Paypal and Cartspan.

Switch Skin for Zen Cart

Posted July, 2015

Zen Cart Switch Skin allows you to dynamically change the template on the catalog side of your cart. An example implementation is given in the zip file and can be seen on my demo4 store. You can switch back and forth between a basic desktop template and Picaflor Azul's Responsive Sheffield Blue template.

Choose Your Own Price for Zen Cart

Posted July, 2015

Zen Cart Choose Your Own Price allows you to create products with customer specified prices. The most obvious example is Gift Certificates, but this mod can be used for any product where the customer specifies the price.