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Sensitivity to small fees

I saw this article on Valleywag that quoted a New York Times analysis of the effect of small fees on e-commerce transaction size and volume. It seems that reducing small fees can greatly increase revenue. Money quote: Overstock.com has found … Continue reading

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Pay what you want

Today on NPR, Morning Edition had a story about indie band Radiohead, who are releasing their latest album on the Internet on a pay-what-you-want basis. Given that everyone is questioning the viability of the old model for music creation, will … Continue reading

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Co-branding – Walgreens and AARP

Internet Retailer discusses the new co-branded website launch. The name aarp.walgreens.com builds on the credibility of both brands – but I think I like warp.com better They’re using a couple of interesting techniques: Strong interaction with the local store (local … Continue reading

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