The guys over at MarketingPilgrim ran an interesting article called “Ten Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment” that I thought I’d share. You can see my comments at the bottom of the article.

They also have a very interesting promotion to encourage people to blog about them. I don’t recall having seen this promotional method before. They’d like people to discuss why they read Marketing Pilgrim. So here goes:

Your humble servant reads dozens of blogs – in addition to websites, magazines, newspapers and other media sources – in order to bring you the most interesting cart and e-commerce news. Marketing Pilgrim is one of the sources I read. What’s special about Marketing Pilgrim is that it has achieved a mighty Google PageRank™ of 7, which is just slightly shy of awesome.  The reason this has happened, of course, is that they have a tremendous amount of original content, and great industry credibility, so lots of people read them and link to them.