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Ten Commandments of Link Building

I really enjoyed this post on Blog Oh Blog (who created the template I use for discussing link building. The idea behind link building is to increase the number of hyperlinks on other sites to your site. This makes … Continue reading

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Current issue of Business Week

Did you see the cover of Business Week with the shopping cart up on blocks? What a great image! Don’t let this happen to you!

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More Content -> More Sales

Tracey E. Schelmetic from Customer Interaction Solutions magazine talks about the importance of content on the product information pages. I never see this bullet in “top then things to do to improve sales” lists, but it’s right up there. InternetRetailer … Continue reading

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We’re #1! We’re #1!

In healthcare spending. The big brains over at McKinsey Global Institute have come up with an analysis of our healthcare spending (free registration required). Even if you’re not a US resident, it’s worth spending some time reading it just for … Continue reading

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Self-assess; get rich

A great post from The Nametag Guy about questions that lead to more value creation.

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Forrester: Ship Free or Die

According to marketing mavens Forrester Research, 61 percent of online consumers said that they are more likely to shop online with a retailer that offers free shipping. The guys over at Virtual Marketing have some interesting ideas about ways to … Continue reading

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MMM: Mark Sellers on success

Greg Mankiw quotes hedgie Mark Sellers instructing Harvard Business School students. Greg focused on the Mark’s comments that clear writing expresses clear thinking (and you’d better be good at clear thinking), but I got a lot more out of the … Continue reading

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Weekend Break: Productivity, Writer’s Strike, Amazon’s Black Friday

Productivity A new study has found that actually working during work hours results in getting more things accomplished. Who knew? Writer’s Strike Writers ask: if digital content isn’t worth anything, then why the lawsuits? Black Friday at Amazon They’re planning … Continue reading

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Social Security: Krugman v. Mankiw

I report, you decide. Krugman: the money’s in the vault. Mankiw:  no it ain’t! Whether you agree with Paul or Greg, one thing’s for sure: although money is a scarce resource in Washington, blame and mendacity are not.   I just … Continue reading

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Sticky Services

I really enjoyed reading Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath. I actually believe the term stickiness predates Malcolm Gladwell, but he certainly popularized it as a way to describe things people become attached to after trying. For instance, … Continue reading

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