What’s Free?

A recent thread on the Zen Cart forum dealt with newsletter services for small businesses. I use and recommend MailChimp for this purpose, because I think that on a price/performance basis they are unbeatable. One of the posters replied, “I think I’ll use phpList because it’s FREE!

I pointed out to him that TANSTAAFL, and that the cost in time of setting up and maintaining phpList could easily outstrip the savings, but the conversation got me started thinking about time and money. An age-old meme is “must save money.” But there is a new line of reasoning that the glut of global talent plus the easy availability of telecommunications means you should outsource everything.  Not just “must save time” – more like “must to to extreme lengths to save time.”  Witness for instance the success of Timothy Ferriss’ book, The Four Hour WorkWeek. So which will be triumphant – the “saving money by working 80 hours a week” approach or the “saving time by outsourcing everything possible” approach? My money is on the latter. Or is that my time? Well, you know what I’m saying. 🙂