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Mommy, where do budget deficits come from?

OK, now that both Artie Laffer and Greg Mankiw have come out and said that tax cuts don’t pay for themselves, would Rudy please stop asserting that “he knows they do?”  I’d even be satisfied with his saying “it’s only … Continue reading

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Weekend break – awkward moments, define rich, Gizmodo, Stallman

Awkward: running into your spouse at a brothel. What does it take to be rich? One million? Five million? Or maybe two times what you have now. Idiots at Gizmodo use TV-Be-Gone at CES. Seth is right; it’s vandalism. As … Continue reading

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How to hire a Zen Cart consultant

A client of mine was looking for some OSCommerce to Zen Cart conversion work – something I don’t do, but I wanted to at least give him a bit of guidance through the process. Hiring a Zen Cart consultant is … Continue reading

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