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Covey interview

Stephen Covey speaks to the Zen Habits blog.  It will be interesting to see how his social network (currently in beta) does.

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A workable RFP process

A post over at Enter Content Here called The RFP is Dead! Long Live the RFP! talks about the weaknesses of the traditional RFP process. Everyone has a different take on this, but the way I approach it is this: … Continue reading

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RIP, William F. Buckley

Wow.  What a career.  We’ll miss you, Mr. Buckley.

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Clients who are unhappy from the start

Jeremy’s advice: send them to someone else.    There’s a tendency that some people have to want to jump in  and save the day; to show them how much better you are than the losers they hired before.  You’re better off … Continue reading

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near e-commerce

If you don’t have a shopping cart but are still using your website for marketing, has some design principles for your site.

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Marketing classical music

This morning, NPR’s Morning Edition did a story about British violinist Tasmin Little, who is releasing her latest CD free on the Internet and doing a series of performances in non-traditional classical music venues, such as factories, airports and shopping … Continue reading

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Freelancing report released by

A detailed report ($3 or more donation) on the state of freelancing was just released by the guys over at Key take-aways were: Start freelancing, be happy: 89% of freelancers report being happier since starting freelancing. Referrals are huge: … Continue reading

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MMM: Be encouraged! And encourage!

I’ve written before about how important I think it is to provide encouragement to the people around you – your staff, your supervisor, your clients, your friends and family. Everyone needs encouragement! Blogger Dave Cheong wrote a great post on … Continue reading

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Follow up on abandoned carts?

There’s some question as to whether cart owners should “follow up” with people who have registered and added items to their cart but failed to checkout. This shopper responds with a big fat no! (and a hilarious graphic to boot). … Continue reading

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A celebration of GTD

After a short break to tend to his new baby daughter, Merlin Mann is back and hard at it, talking up GTD.

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