MMM: The Power of Praise

My boss never misses an opportunity to praise someone in public. And I’m not talking the typical butter up, either – he’ll be saying “Scott this” and “Scott that,” and I’ll be looking around making sure there’s not another Scott in the room. He is, in the words of Charles M. Schwab, “hearty in his approbation and lavish in his praise.”

So why is this so rare? I’ve only worked for one boss who delighted in criticizing people in public; all the other ones have been completely silent. Is it insecurity or a limited pie mindset that makes people hesitant to praise their subordinates? Is it just laziness?

If you have staff, take some time to praise them. Publicly and sincerely. Be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise.

The perfect is not the enemy of the good

I was just listening to a CFR Podcast on Preventing Nuclear Terrorism in which the speaker said that one of the problems with our current strategy is that it focuses on very expensive exhaustive test measures (100% inspection of all cargo ships), rather than smaller measures across a broader spectrum of vulnerabilities.  Isn’t it interesting that the meme “anything less than perfect is useless” affects military planning as well as business.