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Guy Kawasaki on the Art of Sucking Up

“Suck up early and often,” goes the saying in corporate life – but is it really all that effective?  Guy Kawasaki throws in his two cents with a series of suggestions which, while not completely servile, are still unctuous enough … Continue reading

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Incredible time-saving tip for Google Reader users

At the top left is a link labelled “All Items” followed by the number of unread posts you have.  It’s right under the “Home” link.  Click it.  Then click the “Mark all as read” button at the center of the … Continue reading

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Don’t be like Barack – save for your retirement!

Imagine the horror – the horror! – of finding out that Barack Obama isn’t saving his pennies for retirement. Why on earth not? Mankiw has a depressing possible explanation: As Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee has written, “Future increases in … Continue reading

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