Keep an eye on those icons

So I booked a Choice Hotel room this weekend, and being a non-smoker, selected a non-smoking room, as identified by this icon:


Except … that wasn’t the no-smoking icon. This is the no-smoking icon:


Given the choice of millions of colors, why on earth would they reuse red?  Why not, oh, say, red and green?

Question: are any icons on your site ambiguous?


I’ve been a big fan of the site for some time now, and have blogged about it and recommended it to people looking for particular cart features. So I was quite impressed when Mark, the site owner, told me he had added Google custom search to the site so you can do a site search.  An easy to use search that returns a lot of relevant hits – sweet!

I’m particularly pleased to report that a search for “Zen Cart” returns a whole lot of links to That Software Guy. 🙂

Who took the trash out?

I was delighted to see that Best Buy has initiated a free electronics recycling pilot program. Hopefully it will catch on. I am even willing to pay Staples for a recycling service just to reduce my environmental footprint, but lots of people  need the threshold to be zero to get motivated to do this, so it’s nice that Best Buy is subsidizing the program to drive the cost to free.