MMM: In praise of Georges Doriot

Harvard Business School professor Georges Doriot started the world’s first venture capital firm, American Research & Development (ARD). Professor Doriot said,

“I want money to do things that have never been done before.”

If reading sentences like this gives you a boner, then now’s the time to start your own company. Tomorrow’s millionaires are being made today. What are you waiting for? Start now.

Zen Cart Better Together Roadmap

What’s next for Better Together?

  • add_cat_to_prod() will be added.
  • The semantics of “category” will be changed so you can use a top level category or a category with subcategories instead of just one with products underneath it. (This is how Big Chooser, Big Spender and Combination Discounts work.) This change will affect add_prod_to_cat, add_twoforone_cat, and add_cat_to_cat (as well as the new add_cat_to_prod linkage, if that is available at the time).

I don’t know if these will be released together or one at a time. If you are using other related software (Promotional Pages, Discount Preview, Checkout Candy, Better Together Admin, or Buy Both Now), you may need to upgrade; you will be advised at that time what to do, and everything will be available at once so upgrading won’t break your site.

Look for these changes in the third quarter of this year.

Dr. No

Last weekend we saw the classic Bond film Dr. No at my favorite movie theatre in Tampa.

In one scene, Bond does a double take when he sees the recently stolen Goya portrait of the Duke of Wellington in Dr. No’s lair. In 1962 when the film was made, urbane audiences recognized the painting and got a good laugh.

Do you think it would even be possible to retell such a joke today, unless the purloined item involved Nascar baseball caps or some other tacky item?

Forbes has a brief history of the Goya theft, which was quite odd. The BBC offers a discussion of art theft in general.

Zen Cart Blog Integration Contribution

The Zen Cart Blog Integration Contribution is now available.   Using the CaRP utility from Gecko Tribe, LLC, you can easily add a page displaying your blog (or any RSS feed) to your Zen Cart.

A sample page is shown here in one of my demo carts.   This contribution uses the Starter Edition of CaRP; by updating to the full edition of CaRP, you can get access to even more features.    Here’s a sample page using the full edition of CaRP.  The Blog Integration help page describes some of the features that come with the full edition of CaRP that are not available in the starter edition.

Zen Cart Hosting Recommendations

This question only comes up, oh, ALL THE TIME. So here’s my answer:

For shops wanting a US host, I recommend Camelot Hosting.

For shops wanting a UK host, I recommend JSWeb.

Yes, of course these are affiliate links.  I recommend these people because I know them and have done business with them before.

Both these vendors are knowledgeable and honest. They are also “Zen Cart Certified Hosts,” which means that a portion of their revenues is used to support the Zen Cart project financially.

Don’t just go with the lowest bidder. You’re going to have a long term relationship with your hosting company; they’re really more of a partner than just another vendor.

If neither of these outfits is suitable, I would encourage you to pick another certified host to show your support for the Zen Cart project.

Better Together Admin Panel for Zen Cart

It’s here!  It’s here!  The long awaited admin panel for the Better Together contribution is now ready.    The Better Together Admin Panel allows you to configure every supported Better Together linkage:

  • product to product
  • category to category
  • product to category
  • two for one (products)
  • two for one (categories)

using percentage discounts or currency based discounts.   It uses AJAX, so there’s no page refresh when loading lists of products or categories, and it has been tested on shops with 1000’s of products.   Check it out!