Better Together, Frequently Bought Together and Combination Discounts

E-Commerce expert Linda Bustos writes in the Elastic Path blog about how Amazon is ditching Better Together for larger discounted bundles.  Now I’m a huge Amazon fan, but I don’t think that making the bundles individually switchable, as they have, is a good idea.  3 items combined in any way yields 7 choices, which I think it just too many.

You can get larger bundles than 2 in your Zen Cart by moving from Better Together to Combination Discounts.   You can also offer single click purchases of the bundle (as long as all the items are products without attributes) using Buy The Set.   And of course, don’t forget about the new Combination Discounts Admin Panel!

Twitter must follow lists for E-Commerce, Social Media

OK, here you go: @thatsoftwareguy‘s top ten list of people you must follow:

@TheGrok, @dmscott, @roxyyo, @penelopetrunk, @chrisbrogan, @andybeal, @problogger, @doshdosh, @nametagscott, @copyblogger.

Extra bonus name:  @JOHNABYRNE.

Want more names?  Check out Linda Bustos’ awesome list.  Or check out all the people @thatsoftwareguy is following.

Jason Calacanis’ Call to Action

Hard work and hustle will get us out of the New Millennium Economic Crisis.  From his most recent missive:

If you’re a rich person looking to take a couple of years off, don’t.
Instead, start a company that creates an amazingly innovative product
that the world–not just the United States–needs. Set the goal of
trying to employ 100 Americans

Seriously, the affluent folks in this country should start businesses
now. Drag your ass out of bed and try to make this country great
again.  It’s this country that made you affluent. Yeah, you’re rich
and you don’t need to work, we know. Who cares? Your country needs you
right now! Sell your second or third home and start a company!

What an awesome thing to say!  (You can read the whole post here.  Want more?  Sign up.)