Table Discounts for Zen Cart now does tiered discounts, case discounts

Table Discounts for Zen Cart now has the ability to do both tiered discounts and case discounts.

  • Tiered discounting discounts items with by applying specific discounts to specific counts of products within a single order. If you want one price for the first 10 items, another for the next 20 and another for the next 50, look at tiered discounts.
  • Case discounting only discounts groups of items in specific numeric quantities. If you want to offer special prices for groups of 6, 12 and 24, but no special prices for other multiples, look at case discounting.

Tiered discounts were added to Table Discounts in version 1.1.  Take a look at some examples of tiered discounting and case discounting for Zen Cart in the help page.