Zen Cart 100% coupon on download still creates order with status pending

If you have set configuration->GV Coupons->Default Order Status For Zero Balance Orders to Processing, but your download orders still stay at Pending, this may help:

In 1.3.8 and 1.3.9, orders with sales tax which are reduced to 0 through a coupon still have a tiny non-zero value in their order total, so the following check in includes/classes/order.php fails:
if ($this->info['total'] == 0) {

this is on line 568 in 1.3.9h and line 554 in 1.3.8a.

change this to

if ($this->info['total'] < 0.01) {

and it will work.

Note: This solution has also been posted to the Zen Cart forum.

The Zen Cart Better Together Centerbox

Better Together offers can now be displayed on the main page using my Zen Cart Better Together Centerbox contribution.

And if both of the items in a Better Together linkage are products with no attributes, you can add the “I Want Both” button in the Centerbox for just $19.95!   I Want Both works just like Add both to Cart and Buy Both Now, but it’s for the Better Together Centerbox (instead of the Promotional Page or the Product Info Page).