Turning off Admin Activity emails in Zen Cart 1.5.0

Zen Cart 1.5.0, as part of PCI Compliance, emails the shopowner every time something changes in the admin.  While this is a good safety feature, it’s not desirable on test carts.  Here’s how to turn it off:

Edit the file  includes/functions/functions_email.php

At the start of the function zen_mail() add the line

if ($module == ‘admin_settings_changed’) return;

This will bypass the sending of notifications on admin changes.

Zen Cart Extensions updated for 1.5.0

The following commercial mods of mine have Zen Cart 1.5.0 updates:

The rest of my Zen Cart extensions (unless otherwise noted) will work on Zen Cart 1.5.0 without change.

For Zen Cart 1.x modules, my upgrade fee is only $10.  If you have purchased the module from me before, pay only $10 for the latest version!