Best Article on Making Money in 2011

The New York Times list of Best Small Business Reads for 2011 praises Jason Fried’s article How to Get Good at Making Money  in Inc. as the best article this year about making money. Here’s the key line for software developers:

“People are happy to pay for things that work well. Never be afraid to put a price on something. If you pour your heart into something and make it great, sell it. For real money. Even if there are free options, even if the market is flooded with free. People will pay for things they love.”

Handling partial quantities in Zen Cart Better Together, Combination Discounts and Big Chooser

Some shops, such as those selling cloth or weighed goods, find it advantageous to set Admin->Configuration->Stock->Product Quantity Decimals to 2 instead of 0, and set the per product minimums to a fractional value. But my discount modules assume any quantity in the cart is at least 1 (i.e. it suffices to meet the condition in a linkage). To overcome this, simply round the quantity of each item in the cart to an integer value, and skip over the items which round to 0.  Detailed instructions for  Better Together, Combination Discounts and Big Chooser are provided in this article on Zen Cart Advanced Discount Configuration.  (See example 5.)

More advanced configuration for Zen Cart discounts

A client had several dozen products, spread across multiple categories, that he wanted to discount.  “Do I really have to create dozens of add_condition/set_constraint/set_discount statements to set up Big Chooser?”

The answer is no!  You can use the power of PHP to programmatically configure your discounts.  See the fourth example in my Advanced Discount Configuration guide.