How to remove endorsements from your LinkedIn Profile

Some well meaning people will endorse you for things they couldn’t possibly know about.  This degrades the value of your other endorsements.  Fortunately, it’s easy to fix this issue, although for some reason, this process is not well documented:

  • Login to your LinkedIn account
  • Click on Profile->Edit Profile
  • Scroll down to Skills & Expertise (this is what Endorsements  are called)
  • Click the pencil to edit this area
  • Click the lowlighted “Manage Endorsements” link at the top
  • Left click on the skill you want to change.  The list of endorsers will be shown; unclick any endorser you do not wish to display.

Easy!  By the way, if you use my software and you’d like to connect, just send me a request – here’s That Software Guy’s LinkedIn Profile.

Checkbox Cross Sell for Zen Cart Better Together

Zen Cart Checkbox Cross Sell allows your customers to add additional items (cross sells) to their cart when buying another item. It uses the configuration from Better Together to make suggestions from a list of items without attributes. It’s a great way to increase the value of each customer order.

Checkbox Cross Sell is the latest addition to the Better Together World for Zen Cart.