Zen Cart Order Copy updated to 1.5.5

Do you have customers that order the same items again and again?   My Order Copy module for Zen Cart makes it so easy – and it’s now updated for 1.5.5a.  The My Account, Account History and Account History Information pages all offer them the ability to copy an entire order – even one containing products with attributes – to their cart for re-ordering.  Here’s a screenshot of the My Account page:


You can buy Order Copy with or without installation; your preference.

Companion Modules for Zen Cart Default Attribute

Zen Cart Default Attribute allows products with defaultable attributes (such as single format downloads) to be added directly from a listing page, rather than from the product_info page only.

Now, the following modules work with Default Attribute, allowing products with default attributes to be added to the cart.

For example, here’s Checkbox Cross Sell offering a PDF download:zencart_default_attr_ccs