The eternal question: how can I increase business?

A friend of mine asked me this the other day, and I wanted to share my response in case it helped others wondering the same thing.

  • Are there seminars, conventions or meetups you could speak at?
  • Are there blogs you could guest blog on?
  • Are you posting YouTube videos of uses for your product?
  • Can you partner with brick and mortar establishments?
  • Are there forums you could participate in to establish your expertise? For example, is there a StackExchange forum for your type of business?
  • Can you segment your business into vertical markets and target one or two of those specifically?
  • Have you asked existing customers for testimonials and referrals?  How about video testimonials?  Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and making a video is a snap.  You can host videos on your YouTube channel.
  • Where do your customers go?  Can you go there?

Better Together for Zen Cart Updates

Back in 2013 I extended the one-to-one linkage concept in Zen Cart Better Together with the One-to-Many feature.  This addition of three new radio buttons in the Zen Cart admin panel effectively tripled the number of permutations of computed discounts.  What could go wrong?

Well, as it turned out, a number of things!  Freed from the classic one-to-one constraint, the configuration


would discount a *single* product 3, because it miscounted the number of items in the cart.  You can see this error in the screenshot above.

This bug is fixed in Better Together 2.5.3 for Zen Cart, which is available in the Plugins area.