The eternal question: how can I increase business?

A friend of mine asked me this the other day, and I wanted to share my response in case it helped others wondering the same thing.

  • Are there seminars, conventions or meetups you could speak at?
  • Are there blogs you could guest blog on?
  • Are you posting YouTube videos of uses for your product?
  • Can you partner with brick and mortar establishments?
  • Are there forums you could participate in to establish your expertise? For example, is there a StackExchange forum for your type of business?
  • Can you segment your business into vertical markets and target one or two of those specifically?
  • Have you asked existing customers for testimonials and referrals?  How about video testimonials?  Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and making a video is a snap.  You can host videos on your YouTube channel.
  • Where do your customers go?  Can you go there?