Zen Cart Products Prices into Salesforce

Yesterday we imported products from Zen Cart into Salesforce.  Now we have to set prices for those products, since products and prices are separate in Salesforce.

So I created a Zen Cart Export Prices for Salesforce tool to help you do that.  Just like product import, it uses dataloader.io.  It’s a little tricky, because you use different techniques to import prices for new products vs updating prices for products that already have prices, but I walk you through everything.

Zen Cart Products into Salesforce

Recently I wrote up a blog post about putting your Zen Cart Customers into Salesforce.  Although many people stop there, if you want to build Quotes in Salesforce, the next thing you need to do is a product import.  So I created a Zen Cart Export Products for Salesforce tool to help you do that.  It’s not as easy a process as exporting customers because the Salesforce Data Import Wizard doesn’t handle products, but dataloader.io does – and there’s a generously sized free tier, so give it a shot!


Fixing osCommerce Authorize.Net failures

Are your customers getting bounced back to the checkout payment page of your osCommerce site after entering their credit card details on the checkout confirmation page and submitting?

If Authorize.Net credit card processing on your osCommerce site is suddenly failing, the issue may be that you need to update your certificate file.  Go to


and grab the contents.  Put it in a file named authorize.net.crt and upload it to