Zen Cart Blog Integration Contribution

The Zen Cart Blog Integration Contribution is now available.   Using the CaRP utility from Gecko Tribe, LLC, you can easily add a page displaying your blog (or any RSS feed) to your Zen Cart.

A sample page is shown here in one of my demo carts.   This contribution uses the Starter Edition of CaRP; by updating to the full edition of CaRP, you can get access to even more features.    Here’s a sample page using the full edition of CaRP.  The Blog Integration help page describes some of the features that come with the full edition of CaRP that are not available in the starter edition.

Blogwatch: MarketingPilgrim.com

The guys over at MarketingPilgrim ran an interesting article called “Ten Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment” that I thought I’d share. You can see my comments at the bottom of the article.

They also have a very interesting promotion to encourage people to blog about them. I don’t recall having seen this promotional method before. They’d like people to discuss why they read Marketing Pilgrim. So here goes:

Your humble servant reads dozens of blogs – in addition to websites, magazines, newspapers and other media sources – in order to bring you the most interesting cart and e-commerce news. Marketing Pilgrim is one of the sources I read. What’s special about Marketing Pilgrim is that it has achieved a mighty Google PageRank™ of 7, which is just slightly shy of awesome.  The reason this has happened, of course, is that they have a tremendous amount of original content, and great industry credibility, so lots of people read them and link to them.