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What does the CBO’s latest tax report show?

The CBO just released its report on Historical Effective Federal Tax Rates for years up to 2005 (latest available data). It shows several interesting things: The top quintile of Americans is getting richer much faster than the bottom (Paul Krugman). … Continue reading

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The Credit Card Industry needs a Lerach Attack

Wall Street Journal Editorial page nemesis Bill Lerach may be headed to the slammer for his misdeeds – but that doesn’t mean we don’t still need aggressive class action lawsuits to rein in misbehaving corporations. Disagree? Check out the cover … Continue reading

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We’re #1! We’re #1!

In healthcare spending. The big brains over at McKinsey Global Institute have come up with an analysis of our healthcare spending (free registration required). Even if you’re not a US resident, it’s worth spending some time reading it just for … Continue reading

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Social Security: Krugman v. Mankiw

I report, you decide. Krugman: the money’s in the vault. Mankiw:  no it ain’t! Whether you agree with Paul or Greg, one thing’s for sure: although money is a scarce resource in Washington, blame and mendacity are not.   I just … Continue reading

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Man among Men: Stanley Fischer, Governor, Bank of Israel

Think business is tough for you?  The day Stanley Fischer started his job as Israel’s Central Banker, Israel was suffering hyperinflation of 400% per year.  He got it down to 1%.  Here’s his story.

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Disintermediation – Chinese Style

China has announced plans to create a virtual world for e-commerce.  This could be trouble for e-Tailers selling Chinese goods: … every “Made in China” label eventually could include a Web site where customers could order more — and Chinese … Continue reading

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Sensitivity to small fees

I saw this article on Valleywag that quoted a New York Times analysis of the effect of small fees on e-commerce transaction size and volume. It seems that reducing small fees can greatly increase revenue. Money quote: has found … Continue reading

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