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What’s with dictators and bouffants?

Here’s China’s Hu Jintao: Here’s  North Korea’s Kim Jong Il: and finally, here’s VietNam’s own Nguyen Tan Dung Oh sure, they’re murderous sociopaths – but will you look at that hair!

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Buy a domain name today!

Good ones are scarcer than you think.

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Merlin Mann’s Tactical Internet Pants

Quite funny – watch the video.  As an aside,  Merlin Mann seems incapable of creating anything that is not brilliant.  I first heard about Merlin when I was scribbling some notes and putting them in my pocket, which a colleague … Continue reading

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Why you REALLY NEED to moderate reviews on your cart

Because if you don’t, you’ll get reviews like this one. Hat tip to software guy Andrew Duffy for finding this and discussing it in his insightful blog post, Amazon – a case study in abusive social networking.

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Finally – SEOs who tell it like it is

Check out the Uber SEOs – they’re straight shooters. Sample writing: Uber SEO Company has entered into a search engine marketing agreement with Google. In the event of full disclosure we must disclose the agreement is the Adwords TOS. These … Continue reading

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Weekend break: agape, Merlin, musclemen

Wacky product names: this is not exactly what the greek word agape means. The brand name is a bit wacky too. Merlin Mann was on Jesse Thorn’s Sound of Young America and he was in fine form. Bodybuilders pluck stranded … Continue reading

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That Software Guy introduces The Sound of Young America

Here I am, introducing  Jesse Thorn, “America’s Radio Sweetheart,” on The Sound of Young America. It’s great to be an American.

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Starbucks frees up WiFi

Who says whining doesn’t pay? Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz just announced that the coffee king will be offering free wifi to Starbucks cardholders. Coffee and wifi … these are a few of my favorite things. See you at Starbucks!

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Weekend break: money for nothing, Woody’s typeface, rodeo monkey

No show worker gets paid for 4 years at Avaya. The real question is: how were the raises during that time? Woody Allen’s favorite typeface is called Windsor-EF Elongated. Whiplash, the cowboy monkey.

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Explaining art to dorks

As a long time fine-art hound and a life-long dork, you cannot imagine how thrilling it was for me to see my two passions conflated in this Flickr exhibit of fine art.

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