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Creating a Facebook Page Part II: Adding fresh content

One of the challenges of adding a Facebook Page to your already overflowing list of things-to-do is figuring out how you’re going to add fresh content on an ongoing basis. One way that Facebook makes it easy to do this … Continue reading

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Traffic building tips from ProBlogger

Darren Rowse shares an interesting post from one of his readers about how to drive traffic to your site using forums.

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Creating a Facebook Page

What the heck is a Facebook Page?  And how is it different from a profile on Facebook? There are three main differences: Facebook profiles may only be created for real people, and each person may only have one account.  Facebook … Continue reading

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Nice store you have here …

… shame if something were to happen to it! Merchants are yelping about yelp.   Not surprising – this sort of service is just ripe for abuse by shakedown artists.  What’s the remedy?  I think services like RatePoint, which focus on … Continue reading

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Twittering strategies

This post on effective Twittering was rich with linky goodness and excellent advice. Bottom line: write for the followers you want to have.

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The most famous blog post ever

Last month’s Inc. Magazine had a story on Evan Williams, the creator of Twitter.  The story was interesting on its own, but one of the things I enjoyed the most was the reference to an early blog post by Williams … Continue reading

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Business Week talks Twitter

A recent Business Week article discusses the Twitter. Lots of interesting links. One of them was Ellen Petry Leanse’s blog (from the comments); contains loads of Twitter-tips and advice.

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Chris Brogan talks about LinkedIn

Social guru Chris Brogan wrote an article about how he uses LinkedIn which I thought was quite interesting. He advises being generous in connecting but restrained in recommending, which is consistent with my thoughts about best practices. The only point … Continue reading

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Reputation Management

I’ve read a few interesting posts recently about reputation management – a fancy phrase for “pushing the bad stuff off the first page of Google.” Andy Beal (Marketing Pilgrim) here – and here too Site Monitor This – a … Continue reading

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The Golden Rules of Twitter

Tweet unto others as you would have others tweet unto you. It is more blessed to follow than to be followed. These are my rules and I’m sticking to them. The motivation for number two was this article by the … Continue reading

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