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Adventures in Accounting – dealing with PayPal payments

So I decided that it was about time I moved beyond my hokey “spreadsheet-based” accounting and did something more professional. First stop: Intuit. I’ve been a Quicken user for 12 or 13 years now, I guess, and it does the … Continue reading

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Tools for Freelancers

The guys at Magento were gloating that said they preferred Magento to Zen Cart.  Not sure this is an apples-to-apples comparison since there are so few operational Magento carts in the wild, but the rest of  the post was … Continue reading

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Brilliant timesaving idea from 43Folders

The productivity parade continues! 43Folders guest blogger wood.tang has this great time-saving tip for RSS junkies: … when you come back and open your newsreader again, hit that “Mark All as Read” button and start from scratch. Who knew that … Continue reading

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I finally hooked up with Sandy!

… and speaking of productivity apps … I saw that perky little brunette on BoingBoing, and she definitely caught my eye. Then I saw her again at Merlin’s site! I wondered at first if she was stalking me … then … Continue reading

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Remember the Milk-GMail Integration

I can’t live without GMail. And I’m getting to love Remember the Milk. Are they better together? We’ll see – I’ve installed the FireFox Extension which integrates RTM and GMail, and I must say, it’s pretty sweet.

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Backup Strategy

Part of my PC to Mac migration is figuring out a backup strategy.  On my PC I have a thumb drive that I periodically drag files to; on my Mac I’ll use Time Machine and an external USB drive.  I’m … Continue reading

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Moving to a Mac-based PIM

I took the jump this month and bought a MacBook so I’d have a small computer to travel with that came with Linux tools. I wanted to migrate my Outlook Notes to a similar application on the Mac. I installed … Continue reading

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Big Tent

I listened to Donna Novitsky speak on the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Podcast about her new venture, Big Tent. I wanted to ask her a little more about the philosophy behind Big Tent and why she felt there was value … Continue reading

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Financial Calculators

A list of financial calculators for entrepreneurs from Bootstrapper A list for homebuyers from Business Calculators from Calculators for your web page from The hourly rate calculator from The PayPal Fee Calculator

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