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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Click or Tweet?

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TwitterRobert Scoble swears off email and pledges allegiance to Twitter and Facebook.  In response, Dan Harrelson of Adaptive Path calls him a tool.   Now “tool” might be a bit harsh, but I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would give up email. I’m not opposed to Scoble’s suggestion that responding less frequently will reduce your email load, but I don’t think the average business can thrive by ignoring email altogether.

More Godaddy Coupons

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log_gd.gifAs our friend from Coupon Heaven noted in a recent comment, it can be tough to find good GoDaddy coupons. Fortunately, they scour the web so you don’t have to – view GoDaddy coupons on Coupon Heaven here.

Ballmer: Build Community

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Steve Ballmer speaking at last week’s ANA Conference in New York gave some sound advice:

Make an investment in your existing Web site. Is it doing all that it can? Is it filling a brand mission? Are there things you should be doing for your brand, for your customers? Can you add a community? What more can you do to enhance your brand right now, with existing capabilities?

As you can tell, I love the question, “can you add a community?” Adding a blog, a forum, or a newsletter are all great ways of adding a community to your web presence. Which ones are you doing?

Internet Retailer’s Guide to E-Commerce Technology

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Guide to E-Commerce TechnologyInternet Retailer’s Guide to E-Commerce Technology is a who’s who of firms working in the e-commerce space, from affiliate marketing to web monitoring. The format is quite interesting – it’s laid out as a directory, but each page is bisected and each firm gets only half a page (so the entry for IBM is the same size as the entry for Zoovy). Many firms provide pricing numbers, and SMBs need not be intimidated since a variety of price points are represented.

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