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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Marketing to the Metrosexual

Filed under: Marketing,Sales — thatsoftwareguy @ 10:46 pm

Entrepreneur Magazine writes, “Men need products too.” I guess noone ever went broke overestimating the vanity of men! :)

Facebook for Business?

Filed under: Social Networking — thatsoftwareguy @ 6:14 am

invite friendsIt’s just not clear to me yet that it’s a huge win to list your business on Facebook. OK, you have a profile – big deal. How is that better than Linked In? Oh, and unlike my business LinkedIn account, I couldn’t list my business under its name in Facebook – I had to use my own name, which I thought defeated the whole purpose. And don’t get me started on the goofy personal-ad type features that make Facebook seem like a dating site. Looking for a relationship? No – I’m looking for clients!

People seem split on this issue; you can see what others think here and here. But I’m not convinced.

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