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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Break: Productivity, Writer’s Strike, Amazon’s Black Friday

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A new study has found that actually working during work hours results in getting more things accomplished. Who knew?

Writer’s Strike

Writers ask: if digital content isn’t worth anything, then why the lawsuits?

Black Friday at Amazon

They’re planning on having plenty-o-specials. Take a look at the end of the week.

Social Security: Krugman v. Mankiw

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I report, you decide.

Krugman: the money’s in the vault.

Mankiw:  no it ain’t!

Whether you agree with Paul or Greg, one thing’s for sure: although money is a scarce resource in Washington, blame and mendacity are not.   I just wish we had put the Social Security trust fund into something sound like tech stocks or baseball cards. :)

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