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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Brilliant timesaving idea from 43Folders

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The productivity parade continues!

43Folders guest blogger wood.tang has this great time-saving tip for RSS junkies:

… when you come back and open your newsreader again, hit that “Mark All as Read” button and start from scratch.

Who knew that such simple solutions existed? :)

I finally hooked up with Sandy!

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… and speaking of productivity apps …

I saw that perky little brunette on BoingBoing, and she definitely caught my eye. Then I saw her again at Merlin’s site! I wondered at first if she was stalking me … then I realized she just wanted a job. So I hired her. And I recommend that you do likewise.

Remember the Milk-GMail Integration

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I can’t live without GMail. And I’m getting to love Remember the Milk. Are they better together? We’ll see – I’ve installed the FireFox Extension which integrates RTM and GMail, and I must say, it’s pretty sweet.

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