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The Zen Cart Expert

My name is Scott C. Wilson and I'm That Software Guy. I am a Zen Cart expert. Now lots of people say they are Zen Cart experts, but I suggest you check for proof before taking their word for it. Here's my proof: you can look at my testimonials, portfolio, and GitHub commits. No one has more. And I've been developing with Zen Cart for over 10 years. I am the only independent software developer who is allowed to advertise on the Zen Cart forum (see the Services tab).

I’m a software developer. But unlike most software developers, I have also done both product and project management. Most software developers have to be told exactly what needs to be built, but I can work with you to help you figure out what you need. Then, I can help you stack rank your todo list so that the most valuable features are done first.

Here's my interview with tech journalist Ramon Ray:

That's me!
If you have - or want - an eCommerce website for your product or service business, and you use Zen Cart, osCommerce, OpenCart, BigCommerce, or Shopify, you're at the right place. I have been helping small businesses improve their eCommerce operations since 2006. I create reliable, maintainable software customizations that work the way YOUR business works, and all for a reasonable price within a workable timeframe. What can I build for you? Or do you just need Zen Cart Support or a Zen Cart Upgrade? I can help there too. Talk to me and see - no one works harder for your small business selling online.

Current Status - My Mods and PHP7

You can see the complete list of Zen Cart mods and PHP7 to see if your favorite mod is ready to run under PHP7.2 or higher.

Zen Cart Default Attribute

Posted August, 2019

Default Attribute for Zen Cart is the latest of my mods that has been added to the Zen Cart core for release 1.5.7. But don't worry! If you are running Zen Cart 1.5.5 or 1.5.6, I have simplified the install so it's much easier.

If you're selling downloadable products with a single attribute values (Zip Files or PDF files, for example), Default Attribute is a great addition to your store. It allows your customers to add downloadable products (which have just one single-valued attribute) to their cart from a listing page, like search results or a category page, rather than having to click through to the product info page.

osCommerce updates for Phoenix

Posted August, 2019

The following modules have been updated for the Phoenix Community release of osCommerce:
Phoenix introduces a number of not upwardly compatible changes from osCommerce 2.3, so your older mods won't work right out of the box. If you're updating software yourself, some notes on the required changes are provided in osCommerce Phoenix updates.

Zen Cart Notify Patch

Posted July, 2019

The Zen Cart team has released a high priority patch for all versions prior to Zen Cart 1.5.6c (which was just released). My support clients get this patch immediately. If you don't get support from me, you need to install this patch yourself.

You can read more about Zen Cart patches if you don't understand why this is important, and for a link to the patch.

Zen Cart Fix Company

Posted July, 2019

Fix Company resolves an issue in some versions of Chrome which autofills the Company Name field with the year of birth stored in the cache of a user's browser. If your Zen Cart address book is filled with company names which are 4 digits long, the Zen Cart Fix Company contribution can clean them out.

Zen Cart Responsive Template Fallback

Posted June, 2019

Love your desktop template, but want to be mobile-friendly too? I have a solution for that. Check out Zen Cart Responsive Template Fallback.

Zen Cart Delete Spam Customers

Posted June, 2019

Bad guys never sleep! I have noticed an uptick in spam account creation in Zen Cart. If this is happening to you, use my Zen Cart Delete Spam Customers contribution to easily remove junk accounts.

Zen Cart Order Total Edit

Posted May, 2019

Sometimes, you just need to tweak the line items on an order. Whether it's to meet a price commitment you made offline, or because some detail on the order changed, it happens. Order Edit is a great mod, but some things aren't completely under your control with it - which was why I created Zen Cart Order Total Edit.

Zen Cart and Sales Reps

Posted April, 2019

Some Zen Cart storeowners have a sales or customer support team. I created a page to show some modifications I have done in support of this model. Take a look at Zen Cart Sales Rep Management.

Shipping Restrictions for Zen Cart

Posted April, 2019

Many products are subject to restrictions in certain jurisdictions. For example, live plants, live animals, alcohol and firearms often have restrictions on where they can be shipped. If this applies to your Zen Cart, take a look at my Zen Cart Shipping Restrictions page.

Changed Files Report

Posted March, 2019

I just did an update to the ZenCart Changed Files report to prevent the creation of error logs when a folder isn't readable. (Later Addition: I also added the ability to ignore specific filetypes to shorten the report.) It's in the Plugins area.

Products Price Manager

Posted February, 2019

I have always found it confusing that when you go into the Zen Cart Products Price Manager (Admin->Catalog->Products Price Manager), the fields on the screen appear to be editable but they're not. So finally I fixed this issue! My fix will be available in Zen Cart 1.5.6b, but you can merge it into your fileset at your convenience; it's in this Github pull request.

My Mods and PHP7

Posted January, 2019

A lot of my mods needed PHP7 updates. You can see the complete list of Zen Cart mods and PHP7 to see if your favorite mod is ready.

That Software Guy in Salesforce Video

Posted January, 2019

I'm ready for my close-up!

ZenCart 1.5.6 Released!

Posted December, 2018

The new release of Zen Cart is ready for action. You can read more about Zen Cart 1.5.6, or you can just download it and start selling! And if you're running a prior version, of course I'd be happy to update your Zen Cart for you.

And be sure to check my list to see the status of my Zen Cart mods and PHP7. I'm working as fast as I can to get them all ready.

ZenCart and eCommerce FAQ

Posted December, 2018

I have started building a FAQ on eCommerce and Zen Cart using phpMyFAQ.

ZenCart Coupon Single User

Posted December, 2018

ZenCart Coupon Single User has been upgraded so that you can now restrict a coupon to a single domain, not just a single email.

So for example, if you want to permit a coupon to only be used by customers with a "@MyBestCustomer.com" email address, you would create a coupon code starting with "@MyBestCustomer.com", such as "@MyBestCustomer.com_save_ten" or "@MyBestCustomer.com-bogo".

ZenCart Product Customization

Posted December, 2018

Zen Cart Product Customization is a specialty of mine. I had a customer who told me his current web developer (I won't name this industry standard competitor) said that adding a per product conditional message would be "a big can of worms" and "harder than you think."

I guess that could be true if you don't know what you're doing - but if you'd rather get results than hear excuses, please get in touch and I'll implement your Zen Cart product customization promptly.

ZenCart MailChimp Integration Updates

Posted November, 2018

ZenCart MailChimp and ZenCart Newsletter Discount have been updated as follows:
  • Fixed bug in API integration
  • Added instructions for changing Zen Cart newsletter page
  • Removed double opt in
  • Moved MailChimp error log to /logs folder
If you wish to read more about these changes, please see the blog post on Zen Cart - MailChimp Integration.

ZenCart Better Together Admin, Combination Discounts Admin

Posted November, 2018

ZenCart Better Together Admin and ZenCart Combination Discounts Admin have been upgraded so that they interoperate with PHP7.

Zen Cart Preview Email

Posted November, 2018

Zen Cart Preview Email allows you to to view the HTML emails your cart produces, so you can easily fine tune the layout.

Zen Cart 360 Sales Reporting

Posted October, 2018

The Zen Cart 360 Sales Reporting mod extends the "Best Customers" Report (Admin->Reports->Customer Orders-Total) to include
  • direct payments (bank to bank transfers)
  • payments made outside the ecommerce environment
  • payments made by multiple customers working for the same account.
This mod is also highly relevant to my Salesforce Integration for Zen Cart, since it demonstrates how to create accounts where multiple contacts for a company exist.

Big Files for ZenCart

Posted October, 2018

The ZenCart Big Files report allows you to easily see your largest files. This can be useful if you are running out of disk space and need to figure out the cause.

SysCheck for Zen Cart

Posted September, 2018

SysCheck is back! I originally wrote this module to help shopowners determine if their 1.3.8 ZenCart installations were secure, but I recently updated it to do more checking and look for more bad-guy activity. When used in conjunction with the ZenCart Changed Files report, it can make an investigation into a site compromise go more quickly.

CSV Model Update for Zen Cart

Posted September, 2018

My Find Duplicate Models mod is very useful for stores that have a unique model number requirements (because of external systems like Webgility). But if you get a large list of products that need to be updated, it can be a very time consuming process. For those people, I created CSV Model Update. Update the model number for as many products as you like, all from a CSV you created in Excel or with a text editor.

RocketShipIt Help!

Posted August, 2018

I'm pleased to announce that I am partnering with Mark Sanborn, the creator of RocketShipIt, to provide integration services for people who want to use RocketShipIt but need help.

Is your Zen Cart Secure?

Posted August, 2018

Google Chrome made a change recently which resulted in a lot of websites showing "Not Secure" in the address bar - even if they have SSL certificates! Is your site one of them? Take a look at Does your Zen Cart appear Not Secure?

Zen Cart Sellbrite Integration

Posted August, 2018

Do you want to add Sellbrite to your business so that your Zen Cart based business becomes a multichannel selling machine? Take a look at my Zen Cart Sellbrite Integration.

That Software Guy featured on Salesforce Blog

Posted July, 2018

I met up with Rekha Srivatsan, the product manager of Salesforce Essentials on Twitter, and responded to her survey about SMB use of Essentials. We wound up talking after that, and she thought my story was so interesting she wrote it up on the Salesforce blog. Thanks, Rekha!

If you're a Salesforce user, and want to see how I imported my Zen Cart customer data into Salesforce, have a look at my Zen Cart to Salesforce Import Tools.

CSV Stock Update for Zen Cart

Posted July, 2018

Lots of people have enjoyed my Quick Quantity Update mod, which allows a single item's quantity to be changed with one click - but some people need more. For those people, I created CSV Stock Update. Update the in stock quantity for as many products as you like, all from a CSV you created in Excel or with a text editor.

Structured Data in Zen Cart

Posted June, 2018

What is structured data? Should I add it to my Zen Cart site? Take a look at Zen Cart Structured Data to learn more.

Zen Cart Show Customer Local Time

Posted June, 2018

If your business requires you to call customers, wouldn't it be nice to know the time where they are, so you can determine if you're calling too early or too late? Take a look at my Show Customer Time contribution.


Posted May, 2018

Here's my updated privacy policy, my terms of service, and my GDPR statement.

From Zen Cart to Salesforce

Posted May, 2018

Do you want to import your Zen Cart customer data into Salesforce? I can help! Take a look at my Zen Cart to Salesforce Import Tools. I am importing Zen Cart Customers to Salesforce, Zen Cart Products to Salesforce, and Zen Cart Products Prices to Salesforce.

Zen Cart Find Duplicate Models updates

Posted May, 2018

I updated Find Duplicate Models to separate out reporting of blank and duplicate model numbers.

Order Message for Zen Cart

Posted May, 2018

Order Message allows you to add a message to the order confirmation email your customers get when they place an order.

Zen Cart Configuration Settings eBook

Posted April, 2018

I created an eBook that shows all the Configuration settings in Zen Cart in one, searchable place. It's only $5! Buy it!
  • Covers all 26 native Zen Cart configuration groups.
  • Over 50 pages long.
  • Preview available.

WordPress Product Display for BigCommerce

Posted April, 2018

Product Display for BigCommerce was just released.

Quote Payment Module for ZenCart

Posted April, 2018

The ZenCart Quote Payment Module is a clone of the check/money order module, which is provided to allow customers in a store to check out with a no obligation quote.

Changed Files for ZenCart

Posted March, 2018

The ZenCart Changed Files report allows you to easily determine which files have changed most recently in your installation. This can be useful for tracking down problems.

Edit Orders for ZenCart and Discounting Modules

Posted February, 2018

If you are using Better Together (or any of my other discounting modules), along with Edit Orders of a recent vintage (such as 4.3.2), and you use Re-Calculate Tax = Standard, please take a look at this blog post, which gives some guidance on ensuring your order still adds up correctly after an edit is done.

Specials Import for ZenCart

Posted February, 2018

If you are a heavy user of specials, take a look at ZenCart Specials Import. It allows you to import a CSV of Zen Cart Specials (rather than creating them one by one in the admin panel).

Better Together for OpenCart Updates

Posted January, 2018

OpenCart Better Together and Better Together Admin for OpenCart have just been released for OpenCart 3.0.

Zen Cart Catalog Invoice

Posted January, 2018

Catalog Invoice was just updated to add the invoice button to the Account History page. (It was formerly on the My Account page only.)