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About That Software Guy

That Software Guy helps small businesses sell online!

My name is Scott C. Wilson and I'm That Software Guy. I have over 25 years of experience in software development, and I am passionate about helping you convert visitors into customers and browsers into buyers. Let me help you increase sales and profits in your store. I appreciate your visit to my site, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Here are some things new customers like to see:
   Reviews and Testimonials from happy clients.
   Pricing - a bit about how I work with clients.
   Experience Summary - my background.
   Contact Information - Email is best.
   FAQ - Common Questions about How I Work.


That Software Guy, Inc. is a microconsultancy. The scope of services I offer is narrow in focus. It is not a vertically integrated business - I don't do hosting, for example, or template design. For the most part, what I do is custom software development using Zen Cart - based on your business requirements, tailored to your personal specifications.

At any given time, I may be delivering the next week, or I may be delivering several weeks out. The latter means I have a backlog of client requests. Rest assured that when your turn comes, I'll give your project the same attention and care I'm giving to someone else's project right now.

If am unable to take on your job at this time, I may forward it to someone else who is capable of handling the work. If you would prefer that I not forward your current proposal, please include that preference in your request.

My Work Process

Some developers just drop untested changes on your live site and walk away. Not me.

When you go on support or request an upgrade, the first thing I do is download your site and database, and set it up in my local test environment. That way I can test any change I am making to your site prior to delivery, and be confident that it's going to work as expected. But it doesn't stop there. I do post deployment testing on your site to be sure there are no surprises. If you wish, you can be involved in this activity with me on the phone. Then, I check back on your site in the days following deployment to be sure there are no error logs or other issues.

I maintain a local Github repository of your website files so that in case you want something reverted or have a problem, I can easily see the change history of each file. Does your developer do this?

In terms of communication, here are the practices I use for clients on support:
  • Emergency communication received during 06:00 AM and 21:00 PM Eastern time Monday - Friday will get a response within 90 minutes.
  • Non-emergency communication will get a response within 24 hours.
  • I will check on your site at least once a month.

Is your developer this responsive?

You can see what my past clients say about my Zen Cart work - be sure to watch the video testimonials!

Check Out My Work!

Many of my mods are installed on the demo sites I maintain. Take a look at Demo Shop 1, Demo Shop 2, Demo Shop 3, Demo Shop 5. I also have a shop to show of some admin mods; the address is Demo Shop 4. Use userid "test" password "test" to login.

You can see all my demo sites on one page on That Software Guy's demo site.


When I give you a delivery date for a change, this reflects my worst-case estimate of how long it will take. I generally promise next-week delivery, unless I'm really backlogged. I may wind up delivering sooner, perhaps much sooner, but in no event (the good Lord willing and the creek don't rise) will it be any later. I would much prefer to deliver early and be a hero than deliver late and be a goat.

For a long time, I would deliver software by email, but in April 2014, I decided that I really ought to eat my own dogfood, so I switched over to use a a Zen Cart-based shopping cart. Buyers of modules receive immediate downloads of a zip file containing code and installation instructions. If you require installation assistance, I am happy to provide it for an additional charge. If you have questions, please ask them prior to purchase.


You can see some testimonials and reviews about my Zen Cart work, which are hosted on ShopperApproved. You can view these hundreds of reviews or just get a taste.

If you have a LinkedIn account, you can look at That Software Guy's LinkedIn page to see more testimonials.

ShopperApproved also syndicates their content out to SiteJabber, so you'll see That Software Guy Reviews on SiteJabber as well.

Reviews of That Software Guy's Zen Cart work

Contributions to the Zen Cart Project

Does it make sense to hire a Zen Cart developer who has never produced a significant contribution to the project? My Quantity Discounts and Better Together modules are my own original works that have been each been downloaded over 20,000 times. You can see the stats on all my mods to see how popular my work is; my contributions have been downloaded over 150,000 times as of January, 2017. I am the number one contributor of Zen Cart modifications.

Zen Cart Plugins

In addition, I am one of the top contributors to the Zen Cart core. Here's the contributor graph from Github:
Github Contributions to Zen Cart Data source: Zen Cart project on Github.

I post on the Zen Cart support forum under the userid "swguy." Here are my Zen Cart Support Forum posts. Is your developer this actively engaged with Zen Cart?


Extensions are priced as indicated on the help page for the extension. Custom programming services available at $100 per hour for jobs requiring more than 10 hours; jobs requiring less than that have flat per-job pricing or are billed at a slightly higher hourly rate. Payment is required in advance. Typically I can provide a fixed price bid for projects which are well defined and require ten hours of work or less. Larger projects, projects with significant unknowns and exploratory projects will be billed on an hourly basis with a ten hour deposit.

Installation is available for most of my Zen Cart modules for $60. I generally don't install code written by other people unless you are on support.

Telephone consultations are $100 for up to 40 minutes, payable in advance. You must have a current, working cart installed on the public Internet that both of us can access.

I'm always happy to look at RFPs and RFQs by email. Click my contact page for information on what I need to get started.

I might not be a good fit if you don’t have a budget, or if you have more junior development needs. I only focus on clients who need advanced skills and experience from a dependable long-term partner.

Finally, if you'd like to make a donation to show your appreciation for my contributions to Zen Cart, osCommerce, or OpenCart, that would be great! Thank you!


I require payment in full prior to commencement of work. You can just buy any amount of time needed from my store.

If you don't like PayPal, let me know and I will configure the payment gateway in my store to allow you to pay using the Braintree Gateway. I also have clients who pay me via Zelle or direct bank transfer.

Follow My Work

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Experience Summary

I maintain two online resumes; you may view That Software Guy's Resume on Stack Overflow Careers, or That Software Guy's Profile on LinkedIn. You may also read my origin story if that is of interest.

Contact Information

I'm always happy to hear Zen Cart users who'd like to hire me.

Contact by email preferred. Just use my contact form.
  • Cart type (Zen Cart, osCommerce, etc.)
  • Cart version
  • Mods installed
  • URL to your store
  • Your specific requirements
  • Budget
  • Schedule

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