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Account Data Compromise

What is an Account Data Compromise? What do I do if I get an Account Data Compromise email?

Any website can potentially be hacked. You get greater protection from attacks by keeping your software up to date:

What does an Account Data Compromise email look like?

account data compromise email

I got an Account Data Compromise email!! What do I do?

  • Respond promptly. Don't put it off. Tell them you are working with a developer to solve the problem.
  • Talk to your hoster. Don't blame them (necessarily) but get their input on the issue.
  • Hire a developer. It doesn't have to be me, but you're going to need expert help.
  • Upgrade. You need to be on the latest Zen Cart and latest PHP. I do Zen Cart upgrades if you want to work with me.
  • Be prepared to change hosters. Sometimes this is (at least partially) the hoster's fault. Host your site with someone who takes security seriously.