Intuit is bullish on small business

I enjoyed Intuit’s report on The Future of Small Business, and I’m excited that the next installment, The New Entrepreneurial Economy, was just announced.

The most interesting aspects of the first report were:

  • The idea of the “personal business” – no-employee businesses started by outsourcing roadkill and the other castoffs of corporate world. I’ve always felt awkward calling That Software Guy a sole proprietorship, because it’s actually a corporation – but a one person corporation. Maybe SoloCorp is a neologism we should add to the lexicon!
  • The idea of the “accidental entrepreneur” – someone who started doing something as a hobby (or to improve the world, i.e. the “social entrepreneur”) and turned it into a business.
  • Coworking facilities like The Hat Factory. I love this idea and I’m anxiously watching the Coworking Wiki for a Tampa Bay facility. 🙂
  • The idea of entrepreneur education – for the young, college students and mid-career types like me. I actually wrote to Intuit and suggested the develop this idea more deeply.

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