Rita says status meetings considered harmful

Project Management guru Rita Mulcahy argues that only wimpy project managers have status meetings. But is this really true?

In my experience, the primary value of these meetings is not in allowing the PM to save time by having everyone on the team in one room to be pinged, but in having each of the team members hear about the issues that the other team members are experiencing.

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One thought on “Rita says status meetings considered harmful”

  1. “Project Management guru Rita Mulcahy…”

    Rita is good, but she is not a guru.

    In contrast to Quality management, Leadership and organizational theory, Success things and so on, project management still has no gurus. the position is still vacant.

    I think we have some applicants for that position, like Kerzner, DeMarco, Goldratt (my favorite) and some others. But we do not yet have a guru.

    Kind regards


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