Zen Cart Better Together Roadmap

What’s next for Better Together?

  • add_cat_to_prod() will be added.
  • The semantics of “category” will be changed so you can use a top level category or a category with subcategories instead of just one with products underneath it. (This is how Big Chooser, Big Spender and Combination Discounts work.) This change will affect add_prod_to_cat, add_twoforone_cat, and add_cat_to_cat (as well as the new add_cat_to_prod linkage, if that is available at the time).

I don’t know if these will be released together or one at a time. If you are using other related software (Promotional Pages, Discount Preview, Checkout Candy, Better Together Admin, or Buy Both Now), you may need to upgrade; you will be advised at that time what to do, and everything will be available at once so upgrading won’t break your site.

Look for these changes in the third quarter of this year.

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