One thought on “Will eBay kill the goose that laid the golden egg?”

  1. I tend to agree there is a very real danger that eBay is overcooking things and risks entering a downward spiral where the original base of sellers that made eBay a joy to browse with their unusual and eclectic offerings are no longer able to continue.

    This article summs up my views pretty well. It begins by pointing out the apparent unhappiness among eBay staff aswell as sellers before giving a pretty sound overview of the managerial problems the company faces:

    For the life of me I can;t see why eBay keeps trying to fix something that isn’t broke. If they had tried harder to avoid the scams and fakes that are now grabbing the headlines instead of entering the realm of white elephants with Skype, eBay Express etc. things could be so different now.

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