Calacanis on leadership and purpose

Just finished Jason Calacanis’ analysis of the Monitor110 failure. The part I liked best was his description of the CEO’s role in determining the core purpose of the enterprise:

If you can’t tell me the purpose of your company in one sentence
you’re screwed. As an exercise, I like to write sentences to summarize
the purpose of other people’s companies.

— Microsoft makes software that makes people productive.
— Google makes the most effective and easy to use advertising
platform in the world (you thought they were a search company?).
— DIGG makes a never-ending list of fascinating stories for people.
— YouTube provides the largest and most diverse library of videos on
the planet.
— Twitter enables platform-independent communications.
— ESPN provides sports information and entertainment.
— Apple makes technology products that work beautifully and look beautiful.
— Mahalo helps people find information they can trust.
— Coca-Cola provides beverages that people like to drink.
— Southwest provides cheap flights.
— TIVO makes watching TV easier.

So I thought, “what does That Software Guy do?”

“That Software Guy makes your online operation more profitable.”

That’ll do.

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