Elevator pitches – not just for entrepreneurs

I got a pitch in today’s mail for the American Express Gold Card.  Now I already have the Blue Cash card from Amex,  so why are they pitching me?  “Because you’re such a valued customer, we’re offering you the opportunity to upgrade.”  So what exactly does this upgrade look like?   At first glance, it looks like  $150 a year.

But I’m always keen to talk about money, so I call and tell them my situation.   I have your Blue Cash card.  It’s free, and I get hundreds of dollars in cash rewards every year.  So why would I want to pay another $150 a year for a gold card?  The nice woman on the phone said,
“I see your point.  I guess you wouldn’t.”

Well you could have knocked me over with a Discover card.  I was flabbergasted.

“The people who have it really like it, but it may not make sense for you.”

Okay then!   I guess we’re done here.   Is the argument for the Amex Gold Card actually that weak, or did I get her at a bad time?  I guess I’ll never know.


  • Are you listening to other peoples’ sales pitches to improve your own?
  • Do you fold like a napkin at the slightest hint of sales resistance, or are you ready with your arguments?
  • How would you have made this sale?   I took the time to call and could have been convinced by a compelling presentation.  Could you have saved the sale?

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