These shirts are all business

Since we talked about t-shirts on Monday, I thought I’d wrap the week up with the same theme.

I have admired from afar the “clothing for the 2 and 20 crowd” produced by, but when I saw their latest offering last week, called “Revenue is Sexy”

Revenue is Sexy

I literally could not resist and ordered it right away. (Size large – even though I’m only 5’7″, I like my desserts.)

I thought was a very elegant implementation of a shopping cart on a blog using E-Junkie, so I asked Ryan Cook (one of the principals) about the site. Here’s what he had to say:

The site has always been WordPress based, and we really liked the AJAX shopping cart with Google integration offered by E-Junkie. It’s simple and doesn’t intrude on the user experience that we wanted. Until recently, we had simply been listing the products through E-Junkie and managing inventory manually with a Google Spreadsheet. This was extremely cumbersome as people were able to order shirts that we didn’t have in stock. After playing around with E-Junkie, I figured out how to list products where the variants (shirt size in our case) each had their own individual stock quantity. The last step for a successful integration was to tell Google Checkout to report sales back to E-Junkie after they were made. The important part here is to make sure that each variant had a unique code so that E-Junkie would subtract from the correct quantities. I did have to contact support at E-Junkie to receive the tip on setting up Google Checkout properly, because I had missed that step in the setup. They were very helpful, courteous, and prompt in answering my questions and discovering my problem.

Now that it is all setup, we receive emails from Google Checkout and E-Junkie when a sale is made successfully, then it is up to me to fulfill the orders. I also receive emails from E-Junkie when stocks are low for certain variants. For a small operation such as ours, the integration is perfect.

That’s great! Congratulations, Ryan and the VCWear team on your success.

The folks at E-Junkie have been on my interview radar screen for a while – we just haven’t gotten together yet. Hopefully in August I’ll talk with them directly.

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