2 thoughts on “E-Commerce Guide talks Prestashop, Ubercart”

  1. Actually… as one of the “ecommerce grandparents” in the scene, it would be actually OSCommerce’s turn to make the next move. But further development of the 3.0 alpha version seems to be stuck.
    PrestaShop: Like the easy installation, the fact that Smarty templates are used + setup of virtual products (e.g. download files) is quite simple.

  2. I have spent quite some time looking into different carts including OSCommerce, OSC CRE, Magneto, Cube Cart etc.

    Whilst I thought OSC CRE was about the best they have now gone and shot themselves in the foot by charging even for the basic version.

    I have now discovered Prestashop which I have found meets the requirement for my new puzzle shop http://www.himitsu-bako.co.uk.

    Whilst I still have a few reservation I do feel that Prestashop was one of the easiest to install and set up. The import of a CSV file was very straight forward. When you click on import the file is displayed. You then asign each of the columns by using drop down boxes. My only complaints were that it didn’t assign catagories for some reason. Also there was no option for images. These had to be manually added later.

    Using images was straight forward as the software automatically resizes the images. So much easier that OSC.

    Well thats my two pennyworth, by the way if you are interested in puzzles come along to http://www.himitsu-bako.co.uk

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