Fixes to Plugin for Zen Cart

This is the Plugin for Zen Cart.

If you have installed version 1.2.2 or before of this mod, you have deleted configuration group 0. Please download version 1.3 of this mod and run sql_patches/fix_config_0.sql in admin->tools->Install SQL Patches.

If you have installed this mod and cannot see admin->configuration->Pinterest Pin It Button Configuration, please download version 1.2.2 of this mod and run the uninstall.sql script in admin->tools->install SQL Patches, then download the current version and rerun the install.sql script.

Updates to Zen Cart Better Together Checkout Candy

The Checkout Candy addition to Zen Cart Better Together has had a help update to show how to tweak the Checkout Candy display on the Shopping Cart page. You can

  • Reduce the total number of items shown
  • Reduce the number of items shown for each product (if a product is linked to many possible discounts).
  • Randomize the order of results

See Checkout Candy Installation Tweaks.