Big Spender Configuration from Zen Cart Admin

It’s not unusual for customers to not feel comfortable writing PHP scripts to configure their Zen Cart Discounting program – after all, they’re focused on running a business, not on developing software.  One customer asked if I couldn’t make Big Spender easier to configure for one particular style of discount – free item with any purchase.

I accepted the challenge!  Here’s how I set up Zen Cart Big Spender to be configured from an admin setting.

Zen Cart BOGO module update

A bug was found in BOGO Discount for Zen Cart, which will affect configurations using Discount Basis other than “No Restriction.”

The issue was that BOGO would not continue to other items after granting the first discount in these situations.  So if you have “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” with Discount Basis “Same Item”, and you had 2 of item 12 at $10.00 each, and 2 of item 15 at $5 each, it would only discount the item 12 (whereas the correct discount would be the item 12 + the item 15).

Thanks to the good folks at AliensAndStrangersMusic for helping me find this issue.

Big Buy Now – a buy now button for Big Spender and Big Chooser

The marketing text for Zen Cart Big Spender and Zen Cart Big Chooser can be shown on the Product Info page of your Zen Cart; it may also be shown on the Shopping Cart (and Checkout Shipping) page by Big Upsell. And using the new set_support_prod() method of these discounting modules, a direct link to a product can be provided. (This was possible before set_support_prod of course; it just required more coding.)

But if we have a link to a product, and the product does not have attributes, why not add a buy now button? Big Buy Now allows you to do just that! It displays a Buy Now button next to any set_support_prod link, as long as the product does not have attributes and may be added from a listing page.

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