Better Together Admin now 50% off

Now that Discount Chooser is becoming the gold standard for discounting offers in ZenCart, osCommerce, and (soon) OpenCart, I have decided to reduce the price of Better Together Admin.Better Together Admin for Zen Cart and Better Together Admin for osCommerce are now price reduced to just $30 for software only, or $90 for the software plus installation. If you have been holding off on buying the Better Together Admin Panel, now is your chance.

If your discounting needs are limited to BOGO style offers, Better Together is still a great choice, so I hope a lot of people will take advantage of this lower price.

Welcome, Discount Chooser and Discount Spender!

When I first created Free Gift Chooser, it only offered 100% discounts (“free gifts”), based on the content of the cart. About a year later, I added the ability to do price reductions – percentage or dollar based. So the name “Free Gift Chooser” was no longer very accurate.

With the pending release of the Free Gift Chooser algorithm for OpenCart, I’m taking this opportunity to rename the Zen Cart and osCommerce versions of Free Gift Chooser to Discount Chooser (and similarly, to rename Free Gift Spender for Zen Cart to Discount Spender).

Same powerful discounting software; new name!

OpenCart Discount Chooser – Running a “Buy 2, get 1 at 50% off” discount

This is the second post in my series on the development of my discounting module for OpenCart that includes an admin panel.  I have called the module “Discount Chooser.”

You can see from this video how a “Buy 2, get 1 at 50% off” discount works with Discount Chooser.

Discount Chooser for OpenCart

I have said for some time that I’d do a discounting module for OpenCart that included an admin panel.  Well, I’m finally working on it.  It’s basically Free Gift Chooser, but I used a different name to signal that you could do discounts as well as free offers.  So for the next little while I’ll be blogging about the progress of Discount Chooser for OpenCart.

The eternal question: how can I increase business?

A friend of mine asked me this the other day, and I wanted to share my response in case it helped others wondering the same thing.

  • Are there seminars, conventions or meetups you could speak at?
  • Are there blogs you could guest blog on?
  • Are you posting YouTube videos of uses for your product?
  • Can you partner with brick and mortar establishments?
  • Are there forums you could participate in to establish your expertise? For example, is there a StackExchange forum for your type of business?
  • Can you segment your business into vertical markets and target one or two of those specifically?
  • Have you asked existing customers for testimonials and referrals?  How about video testimonials?  Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and making a video is a snap.  You can host videos on your YouTube channel.
  • Where do your customers go?  Can you go there?

Better Together for Zen Cart Updates

Back in 2013 I extended the one-to-one linkage concept in Zen Cart Better Together with the One-to-Many feature.  This addition of three new radio buttons in the Zen Cart admin panel effectively tripled the number of permutations of computed discounts.  What could go wrong?

Well, as it turned out, a number of things!  Freed from the classic one-to-one constraint, the configuration


would discount a *single* product 3, because it miscounted the number of items in the cart.  You can see this error in the screenshot above.

This bug is fixed in Better Together 2.5.3 for Zen Cart, which is available in the Plugins area.