Why is prompt patching important?

The Equifax breach information page has some interesting root cause analysis:

  • The particular vulnerability (that the bad guys used) in Apache Struts was identified and disclosed by U.S. CERT in early March 2017.
  • The attack was done May 13-July 30.

If they had responded promptly to the CERT advisory, this whole thing might not have happened.

Zen Cart Discount Chooser now has Group Support

Zen Cart Discount Chooser has had some new features added at the request of customers:

  • Add Group Selection per discount
  • Allow the order of sort for discounted-item selection to be changed
  • Allow some items to be marked as “preferred discounted items.

Discount Chooser is now an even *more* powerful way to create “Buy <n> get <m>” style discounts!

KitBuilder for Zen Cart

More options for you to sell a bundle and make a bundle! My new Kitbuilder for Zen Cart module is the latest entry in my series of Zen Cart Bundling options. KitBuilder allows you to build “kits” of related products (without attributes), which are all sold together with a single click. Kitbuilder even comes with a kit marketing plugin that allows you to show off your kits in a centerbox on your home page.