Zen Cart 1.5.7

Zen Cart 1.5.7 was released on 6/23/20, and you can see from this Github graph all the work that went into it. The grayed out region at the top right shows the period during which 1.5.7 was developed and released.

The X axis is time, of course. The Y axis is “number of commits,” which is a term that means changes, additions or deletions someone has made to the software repository. It’s exciting to me to see that the project has never been more active, and has never had more collaborators.

So what exactly does a commit look like?

Here’s one of mine that went into 1.5.7: built in help for admin. I added a help button to each screen in the admin, and linked it to the relevant page on the new Zen Cart help site (also a 1.5.7 effort). So now, the product has onscreen help directly linked from each admin page. (The Zen Cart help updates are described in this blog post.)

So how do you go from software commits to a user friendly format for delivering the information on what’s in the release? There’s a what’s new document that lists user-facing features in bullet form, so people can see the release content and find their favorite feature and start planning to upgrade.

So that’s the scoop on Zen Cart 1.57! The Zen Cart project has never been more active, and I’ve never been more excited about it.

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  1. Well, that’s what it meant. Thank you for the explanation. I would have asked, but I assumed that I was the only one who didn’t understand it all.

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