Zen Cart Documentation

The Zen Cart documentation site was refreshed as part of the 1.5.7 development process.

The big changes are:

  • Migration from phpBB syntax to Markdown.
  • Documentation now stored in Github for easier collaboration. Everyone is welcome to join the fun – see Contributing to Zen Cart Documentation to get started.
  • Documentation structure and presentation managed by the Hugo static site generator, using the Docsy template. The site is continuously deployed from Github by the Netlify platform.
  • Deprecation of old Wiki documentation.
  • Deprecation of old content from the Tutorials link on the Zen Cart forum.

There are sub-sites for Zen Cart storeowner documentation and Zen Cart developer documentation. The storeowner documentation is linked from the Admin Page (for on-screen help) in Zen Cart 1.5.7.

Here’s what the old help looked like:

And here’s the new.

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