Zen Cart Blog Integration Contribution

The Zen Cart Blog Integration Contribution is now available.   Using the CaRP utility from Gecko Tribe, LLC, you can easily add a page displaying your blog (or any RSS feed) to your Zen Cart.

A sample page is shown here in one of my demo carts.   This contribution uses the Starter Edition of CaRP; by updating to the full edition of CaRP, you can get access to even more features.    Here’s a sample page using the full edition of CaRP.  The Blog Integration help page describes some of the features that come with the full edition of CaRP that are not available in the starter edition.

10 Commandments of Business Blogging

I really enjoyed this post from HubSpot about business blogging. Because cultural norms in the blogosphere are so permissive, it’s easy to get drawn into what amounts to “unbusinesslike” behavior and language. This is obviously something you’ll want to guard against. Simple rule: if you wouldn’t say it on a conference call, it’s a good bet you shouldn’t be saying it on your blog.

Update: the Chimps share their thoughts on business blogging here.

Blogging for dollars

ProBlogger presents an interesting reality check for people who are considering blogging for money.  I certainly agree with the broad themes he presents (namely, that it’s harder than it looks), but I think that since Darren is focused on people who are trying to make money directly through blogging, he overlooks the other half of the  audience; people who are blogging as a way of building their business.

If you run a business, particularly a one person business, blogging is a tremendous way of projecting your business persona and creating expert power in your domain.  It’s an indirect form of marketing that will gain you contacts and clients.   It’s a lot of work, but it will yield benefits over time.

Nice press mention for ProBlogger

This morning’s Wall Street Journal had a nice article about blogging and revenue models, and included a few paragraphs about ProBlogger.

Darren Rowse, the Melbourne, Australia-based writer of ProBlogger.net, a popular blog that teaches other bloggers how to make money, earned roughly $250,000 in 2007 off ads on three blogs he writes. Mr. Rowse says he makes the most off traditional display advertising, where advertisers pay a fee to appear, but he also has used affiliate ads and Google AdSense.

Darren wrote a very nice welcome post for Journal readers who came to his blog for the first time.

Congratulations, Darren!