Using the news to build your expert authority

I though it was absolutely brilliant how blogger The Budget Fashionista reworked Sarah Palin’s shopping list to slash her budget.   Is there anything you can do to build your expert authority and drive traffic to your store?   How about:

  • Answering questions on LinkedIn
  • Answering questions on forums which are related to your industry
  • Commenting on other people’s blogs in your space
  • Twittering news and announcements related to your industry or sector (not just what you’re doing)
  • Starting a blog to talk about your industry or sector.

Keep up the good work, Budget Fashionista!

Ten Commandments of Link Building

I really enjoyed this post on Blog Oh Blog (who created the template I use for discussing link building. The idea behind link building is to increase the number of hyperlinks on other sites to your site. This makes your site easier to find, increases traffic, and can increase your Google PageRank.

My favorite commandment was number 4: Web Directory Submissions. To expand on this just a bit: if you Google “<your keywords> directories,” you will find directories who will accept link submissions. Typically the only price they charge is a backlink to them from your site, so it’s a very inexpensive way of building links.

There are also a ton of link building ideas in Dawud Miracle’s post 15 Amazing Interviews About Link Building.