Sellbrite and Zen Cart Together!

Sellbrite is a tool that enables online retailers to list and sell their products across multiple channels, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Newegg, and more.

Do you want to work with Sellbrite and turn your Zen Cart based business into a multichannel selling machine? Take a look at my Zen Cart Sellbrite Integration.

Selling with sweetness

Would it even be possible to be nicer than the Jonas Brothers? The latest piece in about the boys says that they select girlfriends on the basis of their niceness (smart move, btw).

What if niceness was part of your PR strategy? “Do business with me because I’m nicer than my competitors.” We’ve already seen the opposite strategy – rapper Akon claiming to be a felon when he wasn’t, for instance.  Please note that I do not endorse this strategy. 🙂

It is a truism that people like to do business with people they like.  So it’s probably worth doing a niceness audit of your business, and making sure you pass muster.

Encourage like Osteen

Reading an article from about Joel Osteen (which was predictably suspicious) made me stop and think about his remarkable ability to connect with people.

Now you may or may not be a fan of prosperity theology – and for the record, I’m not.  But isn’t it interesting how many lives Osteen has profoundly affected, and for the better, it must be conceded.   From a sales perspective, he’s clearly one of America’s greatest salesmen.

What’s his secret?  Relentless optimism.   It’s a pattern in his life and his speaking.  And it’s worth emulating.

Chinese business site uses Chinese math

So few things are as annoyingly hopeless as the practice of using Chinese math. You know – the idea that “if you can only get 0.00001% of the population, you’ll be a success.” Here’s the problem with Chinese math: it doesn’t work. Small percentages do not translate to easy results.

So why are Chinese business websites using this discredited form of reasoning?

PS> If you’re thinking, “if Chinese math doesn’t work, what does?” then here’s your answer. Don’t use comparative figures aspirationally; instead, show trends and figures from ideas that already work that demonstrate how your parallel idea is plausable.